If you love ’80s comedies, and find cell phones too small, portable, and convenient, then today is your luckiest day ever. A company by the name of Cubicall is now selling impressive (and officially licensed) recreations of the iconic pay phone from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The official website’s copy boasts that the Bill & Ted booth “features a design inspired by the original film, including an authentic payphone retrofitted for VOIP/landline service, an umbrella antenna, and all of the same stellar features of Cubicall phone booths.” The booths are also made in the USA, as I’m sure Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan would have wanted.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a time travel feature. It does look mighty impressive on their website, though:


Granted, you’d need to own a parking lot to recreate this kind of set-up with your Bill & Ted phone booth. Otherwise you’re just going to have find room in your house or apartment for this giant phone booth. But hey, you can also use it as part of Superman cosplay, so it’s basically two movie props for the price of one.

This Cubicall booth was actually the one featured in Walmart’s 2020 Super Bowl ad. That’s it Alex Winter (and younger, CGI enhanced Alex Winter) pop out of, alongside a dozen or so other famous movie characters:

The only bogus part about this is the price: $8,495.00. But for those wyld stallyns who can afford it, they shall truly live their most excellent lives.

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