Peanut butter and jelly. Jack and Coke. Bill Murray and Wes Anderson. Some things are just meant to go together. Murray and Anderson have collaborated on six quirky films together (including the animated 'Fantastic Mr. Fox') and it would appear as though a seventh is in the offing. Wes Anderson won't be making 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' without his good luck charm, and apparently not without 'Murder She Wrote' legend Angela Lansbury!

The news of Murray was revealed in a casual manner when the star let it slip during an interview with Vulture, off-handedly mentioning that he'll soon be traveling to Germany to work on Anderson's latest picture. As for Lansbury, she also confirmed her involvement in a separate interview with UK magazine The Gentle Woman (via The Film Stage), saying "I’m playing woman of mystery, it’s minuscule role. I’m on the screen probably for less than 5 minutes." But we're amped to see her regardless.

Johnny Depp and Jude Law are also due to star in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' about which we know very little. (Anderson has described it as a "European story.")

Production on the film is scheduled to commence in January, so there's a chance we won't learn much more about it until then. However, just the knowledge that we'll be witnessing the trio of Murray, Depp and Law star in a Wes Anderson film with a Lansbury cameo-ish role should be enough to put a silly smile on all of our faces. Not to mention the fact that additional names associated with the film include Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe and Jason Schwartzman. Let us hope they're all confirmed very soon.

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