Lest you thought Bill Murray had stopped being awesome for a hot second, we bring you this urgent update: Bill Murray is still awesome. Exhibit F: Bill Murray crashed a kickball game this weekend in New York City.

If you'll remember, Bill Murray is fond of just going around the world and being awesome. Back in early 2011, he wandered into a random karaoke bar, hung out with everyone and sang some tunes. Also in 2011, he went to a Packers/Bears game, sat in the cheap seats and, as a old Chicagoan, heckled the Green Bay fans. In 2010, he went to an Austin, TX bar and played bartender for the night. And so, Bill Murray is at it again.

There are precious few details about this photo other than it was posted to Tumblr with the caption, "My friend just had Bill Murray crash his kickball league."

These are just the things that happen when you're out and about. Bill Murray may just come up and ask to join your kickball game. And be thankful you have your camera there to document it otherwise no one will believe you.