A new teaser for BioShock Infinite's Burial at Sea downloadable content episode has debuted, giving us a look at a world in which Rapture existed.

The latest "Fact from Myth" video explores the underwater city of Rapture and whether or not it was real. The documentary-style video highlights some artifacts found from the city, such as splicer masks and EVE hypos.

But perhaps the most astounding find was a poster of a Rapture-era Elizabeth and a man with his back turned to us who we can only assume is Rapture-era Booker. The scientists in the video search out a woman who grew up in Rapture and show her the items. Seeing the poster of Booker and Liz prompted the woman to angrily toss the pictures of the artifacts to the ground.

This video mirrors the old "Truth from Legend" promotional video that explored Columbia, which they called "A Modern Day Icarus." This change in title and subject matter is due to the alternate universe setting of the DLC, which explains why Booker and Liz would be in Rapture, years after their time.

We'll let you know when a release date for this DLC is set. Until then, check out the video above.