During the N7 Day 2013 festivities, more than a few members of BioWare's development staff took to posting some teases for the next entry in the Mass Effect saga.

Mass Effect 4's release is still many, many months away, and we still don't know much about when or where the next sequel will take place, the few glimpses BioWare offered during Thursday's festivities were more than welcome. It's still almost impossible to see what's going on in any of the images released, and that's certainly something BioWare did on purpose, but here for the first time is your collected first peek at Mass Effect 4.

Manveer Heir hinted there were more images of the development of Mass Effect 4 in the wild. Sadly, none of the pics give us any better of an idea what to expect from the next entry in the series, outside of more strange alien locales. The figures you see above are tough to discern, but we can almost guarantee there will be a two-legged person of some sort.

Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer for more details on Mass Effect 4, as N7 Day has rekindled our spirit and feelings for the franchise, and we're dying to see what comes next.