The words “ ...The next Pearl Harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber-attack...” open the trailer for Michael Mann’s upcoming thriller ‘Blackhat.’ Somewhere right now, a dozen Sony executives are nodding grimly in agreement. An Internet Pearl Harbor sounds pretty terrifying at this moment.

The actual movie looks a bit sillier, though. Not only is Chris Hemsworth’s hacker one of the smartest men on the planet, he also looks like the Norse God of Thunder, with a physique to match. And he’s good with guns and at hand-to-hand fighting too. The bad guys don’t stand a chance. It’s ‘Swordfish’ all over again! Ya gotta love movies.

All right, hopefully ‘Blackhat’ is at least a small improvement over ‘Swordfish.’ It certainly might be. Mann is one of the the go-to directors in Hollywood for smart, tough action movies, and Hemsworth is quickly becoming one of the most interesting (not to mention burly) fixtures in modern blockbusters. We’ll find out when the film opens on January 16, 2015.