Even though Ridley Scott’s been talking up this Blade Runner sequel for some time now, it was still uncertain whether or not Harrison Ford would return to reprise the iconic role of Rick Deckard in the new film. Now it looks like Han Solo isn’t the only iconic role Ford is reprising. In addition to the return of Ford, Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve has been tapped to helm the sequel, based on a script co-written by original Blade Runner scribe Hampton Fancher.

THR reports that Ford will reprise his role in the upcoming sequel, set to begin production in 2016. Ford played Rick Deckard in Scott’s 1982 film, which centered on a Replicant hunter, whose job is to eliminate four fugitive Replicants—machines who look and act like humans. Complications arise when Rick meets and falls in love with a Replicant named Rachel.

The sequel will take place several decades after the original film, but no other plot details are known at this time. Denis Villeneuve, the acclaimed director of Prisoners and Enemy, will helm the sequel, based on a script by Fancher and Michael Green. That script is based on an original idea from Scott and Fancher. Villeneuve is one of the most exciting directors working today, creating films that are as emotionally/mentally compelling as they are visually engaging.

Up next for Villeneuve is Sicario, a new drama starring Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro. Harrison Ford can be seen next in Age of Adaline and—like you need a reminder—Star Wars: The Force Awakens.