Ever one to let sleeping properties lie, Dan Aykroyd is at last dragging The Blues Brothers out of retirement (again), and into the animated world. The former SNL bit will return as a new primetime animated series shepherded by Aykroyd, in search of music, truth, justice and “a better breakfast sandwich.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the primetime series would of course follow Jake and Elwood Blues, along with their core blues band, as the two take to the road and return back to their native Chicago. Aykroyd will act as a co-creator and executive producer along with John Belushi’s widow, Judy Belushi, and SNL writer Anne Beatts.

At the very least, the music looks to be on point:

Each episode will feature a score and soundtrack curated with the soul, blues and R&B classics and hits performed by the Blues Brothers, as well as new performances made specifically for the show. There will also be special guest appearances from aspiring talent, treasured Blues legends and modern-day superstars.

And says Aykroyd:

It’s so great to accelerate Jake and Elwood at digital speed into the 21st Century via the outstanding creative group at Bento Box. The show will be the Blues Brothers living in America and utilizing all new technology to make and promote their own records, seek out and record new artists and avoid law enforcement – and all while fighting for truth, justice and a better breakfast sandwich.

Sigh. In any case, the original Blues Brothers emerged as a 1976 SNL sketch with Aykroyd and John Belushi in the title roles, spinning into the cult classic 1982 film, which itself wrought a 2000 sequel with John Goodman, Joe Morton and J. Evan Bonifant stepping in for the late Belushi.

You can watch the original trailer below, and stay tuned for more on the Blues Brothers animated series.

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