Remember that monstrous bear that Princess Merida had to fend off in 'Brave'? Those of you who saw the film already know [SPOILER ALERT] that the creature, named Mor'du, is actually a prince whose selfish ambitions led him to be cursed into this form. Well, it turns out he was interesting enough of a character on which to base an entire 'Brave' spin-off.

'The Legend of Mor'du' is the short film to be featured in the 'Brave' Blu-ray combo pack, hitting stores November 14. Told from the point of a view of the witch from the movie, the story follows Mor'du as a greedy prince who sought out a spell to conquer his brothers and claim sole ownership over his family's throne. It was that spell that transformed him into the monstrosity we all recognize from the movie.

EW received the first look at 'The Legend of Mor'du' in the form of two stills from the short. Brian Larson, one of the story supervisors on 'Brave' and a storyboard artist on 'Ratattouille,' is making his directorial debut with this short, which he likens to the themes of the Grimm fairy tales. "We wanted it to be very graphic in that way, with a lot of silhouettes," he said. "We wanted a 2-D look that still had volume and geometry to it."

Check out the two images from 'The Legend of Mor-du' below and let us know what you think in the comments! The 'Brave' Blu-ray combo pack goes on sale November 14.