We're still on the fence about AMC's decision to spin 'Breaking Bad' off into a prequel-sequel of sorts with Bob Odenkirk's 'Better Call Saul,' and while we know at least one familiar face will be around, we've been wondering who else might pop up. Now, we've learned of several new characters 'Better Call Saul' will introduce as part of its regular cast, but can the show succeed without its most popular franchise stars?

Via ShowBiz411, we've learned that the November-premiering 'Better Call Saul' will understandably feature several opposing lawyer characters to populate Saul Goodman's courtroom dealings, along with a career criminal and a unique set of twins. No names have been attached to the project beyond Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, but here's how the report describes 'Better Call Saul''s new offerings:

[New characters] include regular players named Burt, Dr. Thurber, Beth, Eddie, and Zak and Luke. Burt is described as a “Kennedy” type lawyer in a white-shoe law firm. Dr. Thurber and Beth are also supposed to be lawyers. Eddie is a career criminal, a cool guy who speaks Spanish. Zak and Luke are skateboarding twins around 20 years old.

Apart from its November 2014 premiere, much of ‘Better Call Saul’ remains shrouded in mystery, as series star Bob Odenkirk suggested the spinoff could well catch up with Saul post-’Breaking Bad,’ despite its prequel nature. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have also expressed their interest in appearing on the series, though Dean Norris appeared to reject the idea.

Well, what do you think? Does its cast have you any more confident for 'Better Call Saul,' or should the 'Breaking Bad' universe have been left in its barrel after the finale?