We're less than a month from the July 15 premiere of 'Breaking Bad' season 5, and all the little photos and teasers continue spilling out like a junkie foaming at the mouth.  And even though we've already got that bad-ass teaser poster reminding us which king to hail to, we still haven't seen the whole cast together.  Until now.  And correct us if we're wrong, it looks a little familiar.

'Breaking Bad' season 5 won't hit the bloodstream until its July 15 premiere, but the meantime between now and then has left us plenty of new details and images to boil over.  There's those spoiler-y new photos from season 5 premiere "Live Free or Die," the show's first appearance at Comic-Con 2012, and even talk of a movie, but when will we see an actual trailer?

So far, the official cast photo is the closest we've gotten to see the entire cast together before the show picks up following season 4's explosive finale "Face Off."  There isn't much to be inferred from the new pic, but it's nice to know that Mike is definitely back in the picture, and Hank his standing on his own two feet again, ready to pick up the hunt for the elusive Heisenberg!

And correct us if we're wrong, but the background of 'Breaking Bad's new shot looks...a little familiar.  Check out the latest photo from 'Breaking Bad' below, compare it with a 'The Walking Dead' shot, and tell us what you're looking for from either new season in the comments below!