We know, we know.  Every TV show, from 'Bored to Death' to 'Community' talks about making the leap from TV to film once the episodes run out, but now 'Breaking Bad' is throwing its porkpie hat into the ring.  One series star seems to think the AMC TV series, set to premiere its final season on July 15 is ripe for the big-screen treatment, but what are the actual odds?

Months ago, 'Breaking Bad' fans were dismayed to learn that series creator Vince Gilligan's negotiations with AMC would drive the Bryan Cranston crystal meth drama into its final season, to be aired in two runs of eight episodes each, beginning on Sunday, July 15.  Sixteen episodes would certainly make for a conclusive end for Walter White, but now Bryan Cranston seems to think there might be a possibility of expanding into a feature-length movie afterward!

Speaking to The LA Times on series creator Vince Gilligan's crafting of 'Breaking Bad,'s final 16 episodes, Cranston said:

Vince feels that now we have too much story. We could actually go beyond those 16 episodes, it’s not far-fetched.  I wouldn’t mind visiting that possibility.

And this is coming from a guy who doesn’t know anything of how the show’s going to end. If it doesn’t end up in a total apocalypse, who knows? Maybe we could revisit Walter White a year down the road and see where his life has gone. If he’s still alive, that is.

Between those new photos and clips we've been seeing of the series' upcoming fifth season lately, one can never have to much 'Breaking Bad.'  Still, given the nature of the character and the show itself, it would seem somewhat unlikely that Walter White would survive to make it to a full-length movie.  Maybe we'll learn more at Comic-Con!

What say you?  Would you want to see 'Breaking Bad' wrap up with a feature film rather than at the end of its upcoming 16 episodes.  What are you most looking forward to from 'Breaking Bad' season 5?  Cook us up your take in the comments below!