Duck for cover, and don't bother installing a doorbell, 'Breaking Bad' fans.  The one who knocks is coming.  'Breaking Bad' season 5 will explode out of the gate like a hospital room door, and we're taking every ounce of news that comes out like a sweet, sweet fix of blue heaven.  Now that we've got our hands on a couple of photos from the premiere, what spoiler-y details have we learned?

'Breaking Bad's season 5's first episode "Live Free or Die" will make its debut on AMC on Sunday, July 15, but who needs waiting?  AMC has released six brand-new photos from the hotly-anticipated premiere, and isn't shy about including a few spoilers with them.

When last we saw middle-aged hitman Mike (Jonathan Banks), Jesse Pinkman had to abandon him in a Mexican care facility while he recuperated from gunshot wounds sustained in Gus Fring's violent coup d'etat of the Mexican Cartel.  Now that Walter White has killed the king by blowing away Gus, who will Mike hail to?  Judging by the below photos, it looks like a still-mending Mike his none too happy to see either Walt or Jesse upon his return!

Not only that, but Walt and Jesse seem to have occasion to return to the junkyard that previously held their iconic RV, before it was crushed to bits!  At least Mike seems to have calmed down by the time they all get there.  Might they be looking for a new ride to re-start their operation?

Check out the photos below, courtesy of E!, and give us your own theories on what we'll see from 'Breaking Bad' season 5 in the comments!