Walter White may be all about the work these days, but let's hope that 'Breaking Bad's better half Bryan Cranston leaves that grim attitude behind when he drops by Scranton, Pennsylvania to hang out in 'The Office.'  Before shooting the final eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' Cranston will first take up directing duties for 'The Office' season 9, but what episode will he cover?  Is Dunder-Mifflin getting into the meth trade?

Dwight Schrute himself, Rainn Wilson has taken the cat out of the bag and thrown the bag in the river by revealing that 'Breaking Bad' star and three-time Emmy-winner Bryan Cranston will direct an upcoming episode of 'The Office' season 9.  Wilson first tweeted out the photo of Cranston on set, sitting in his own lap, as people are wont to do.

Cranston is directing the episode "Work Bus," set to air on October 18, while 'The Office' season 9 itself premieres on September 20.  Cranston is no stranger to directing either, having helmed four episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' and soon a fifth from the show's final eight episodes in 2013.  He also recently took up directing duties for 'Modern Family,' and made several efforts in the director's chair back in his 'Malcolm in the Middle' days.

As for the upcoming season of 'The Office,'  compensating for a number of cast departures are new series regulars Jake Lacy and Clark Duke, while Catherine Tate has been upgraded to series regular following her recurring stint in the eighth season.  Series leads Ed Helms and John Krasinski will return to the series, though likely sit out a few episodes to accommodate their burgeoning film careers.

What say you?  What do you think 'Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston will cook up for his turn on 'The Office?'  Check out the photo of Cranston on set below, and tell us what you're hoping to see from either 'Breaking Bad' or 'The Office' season 9 in the comments!