Look out, Dunder-Mifflin!  Mindy Kaling might have picked up her own show on FOX, James Spader may have left behind his role as Robert California, and Dwight Schrute might eventually resign for 'The Farm,' but 'The Office' has officially cast a new series regular for the now-confirmed ninth season of the hit workplace comedy.  So, why does the new recruit look so familiar?

Though NBC wouldn't confirm, TVLine's sources are saying that Catherine Tate will officially return as Nellie Bertram to 'The Office' for its ninth season, upgrading her status to that of a series regular.  Fans of the show will remember that Tate first appeared as a potential candidate for the departing Michael Scott (Steve Carell)'s job in season 7, before re-surfacing in season eight to stage a coup on Andy Bernard (Ed Helms), finally being ousted and granted a reprieve at the end of the season.

Though debuting to somewhat mixed reactions, Tate's Bertram eventually found a bit of surer footing when she developed friendships with fellow office-mates Darryl and Pam.  Andy had intended to fire her once David Wallace returned control of the branch to the 'Nard Dog, though he eventually took pity on the troubled UK transplant.

With the exception of Kaling and Spader, all of the main 'Office' stars from the previous season are confirmed to return.  Any potential exit of Rainn Wilson's Dwight Schrute for his own series will be reserved until mid-season, as 'The Office' adds a number of new faces this fall to fill out and reboot the ranks.

What say you?  Do you think Tate deserved to return for season 9, or has 'The Office' gotten too old for its own good?  Tell us what you want the series to do in the comments below!