It looks like Disney and Marvel are that much closer to signing a director -- or in this case, directors -- for their planned 'Captain America 2'. So what do 'Community' and 'Captain America' have in common?

The answer is the Russo brothers. Variety's Showblitz blog reports that Joe and Anthony Russo, producers and directors of NBC comedy 'Community,' are in final negotiations to direct 'Captain America 2,' the sequel to last summer's 'Captain America' starring Chris Evans as the titular, star-spangled hero.

'Captain America 2' will follow Steve Rogers as he adjusts to the modern world and its threats following the events of 'The Avengers.' The film is slated for release on April 4, 2014.

We previously reported that names like F. Gary Gray ('Law Abiding Citizen') and George Nolfi ('The Adjustment Bureau') were on the shortlist alongside the Russo brothers as possible directors for the sequel.

The brothers' directing credits include the unfortunate 'You, Me, and Dupree,' but also several episodes of 'Community' and 'Arrested Development' -- two shows with enough goodwill to make us forgive them for just about anything. Still, with a long list of comedic television credits under their belts, we're curious about their vision. They must have done something right to impress Marvel and Disney and score a big gig on 'Captain America 2.'