Mickey Mouse's adventures in next-gen graphics in the reimagining of Castle of Illusion will be upon us soon. But just how soon and for how much?

We actually don't have that much longer to wait since the game will become available for digital download on Sept. 3 on the PlayStation Network and Sept. 4 on Xbox Live Arcade and PC digital download. The game will cost $14.99 (2000MSP).

As a bonus, fans who pre-order Castle of Illusion on the PlayStation Network between Aug. 20 and Sept. 2 will get the original Sega Genesis version of the game, along with an exclusive dynamic theme and three avatars. The original Genesis version of the game will be available to download immediately after pre-ordering, so you can bone up on your Castle of Illusion history before tackling the remake.

Will you be pre-ordering to get these sweet bonuses? Let us know in the comments below!