It's been too long since we've heard anything on the 'Chuck' front, as the Kickstarter movie is still in limbo, while Yvonne Strahovski is busy seducing 'Dexter' and Adam Baldwin is commanding TNT's 'The Last Ship,' so what of poor Morgan Grimes? ABC's 'Castle' will bring back the bearded one, as they've cast Joshua Gomez for season 6, but where does time travel play in?

Via Entertainment Weekly, former 'Chuck' star Gomez will appear in the fifth episode of the coming season as a murder suspect who claims to have traveled back in time in order to prevent dark future events that alter the course of human history. As tends to be the case on 'Castle' however, there may or may not prove a surprising degree of truth to his claims.

In addition to Lisa Edelstein’s role as Beckett’s new Washington supervisor (that is to say nothing of her answer to Castle’s big question), Yancey Arias has also joined the sixth season in the role of Carl Villante, the head of an elite investigative unit who clashes with both Beckett and Castle during a high-stakes case. Additionally ‘24‘ vet Glenn Morshower and ‘Alphas’ star Warren Christie have joined in guest arcs.

Well, what say you? It was high time we saw Joshua Gomez back on TV, don't you think? Tell us if you'll tune in for 'Castle''s September September 24 premiere!