It seems like every day another actor or actress volunteers as tribute to appear in the upcoming 'Hunger Games' sequel 'Catching Fire,' and other than E. Ross Mitchell, who nabbed the role of Chaff, two TV stars have recently joined the ranks.

Fans of 'Smallville' will remember Alan Ritchson from his very short run on the show as Aquaman, but the actor is setting aside his trident and gills to pick up the role of Gloss. This former underwear model is clearly the new bit of eye candy for the film, as is apparent by his previous roles in '90210,' 'Fired Up!' and 'Blue Mountain State.' Gloss, also described as a bit of a stud, wasn't known in the book for his speed, but his formidable swimming skills were implied.

Unlike Gloss, Jennifer Lawrence's character in the upcoming movie takes a liking to Seeder, who will be portrayed by Maria Howell from 'House of Payne.' Her District 11 tribute role provides Katniss with some important info, which gives her some edge to the Quarter Quell competitors. Though whether she survives, you'll still see Howell again this fall starring in NBC's 'Revolution.'

UPDATE: Gloss gets a sister! Lionsgate announced today that Stephanie Leigh Schlund has been cast in the role of Cashmere, Gloss' sister from District 1. As a Career tribute, she naturally doesn't think very highly of Katniss, as she comes from the poorest District in Panem. That also means she probably can't be trusted.

As we've already pointed out, still to come is the actor announcement for Finnick, aside from a few more minor roles. Fans care a lot about this upcoming casting call as his mentor Mags, to be played by Lynn Cohen, volunteers herself to save his love. Word on the street is that Lionsgate is looking to Sam Claflin from 'Snow White and the Huntsman,' but nothing yet has been made official.

Stay tuned for the latest 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' casting updates!