We’re still not entirely sure what to call the new female-fronted Ocean’s Eleven movie, but whatever it is, it’s assembling some seriously great talent. In addition to Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence has been reportedly considering joining the lineup, while the latest name eyeing the sorta-sequel / Ocean’s-adjacent project is none other than the great Cate Blanchett — a name that would take this project from a curiosity to a must-see.

The Playlist (which recently received a pretty nice little makeover) reports that Blanchett is in talks to join Bullock and possibly Lawrence in the upcoming project, which is being referred to unofficially as Ocean’s Ocho — meaning we can expect eight professional criminals instead of Danny Ocean’s 11. Blanchett would be playing a Brad Pitt type, though it should be noted that the characters aren’t meant to be “female versions” of Soderbergh’s group; instead, those descriptions are mostly to give you an idea of their function within the ensemble.

Lawrence is eyeing the film as a potential reunion with her Hunger Games director, though her involvement is contingent upon scheduling as Ross hopes to begin filming this fall or winter.

The report also reveals some new details about the film’s concept, which Ross pitched to Ocean’s trilogy director Steven Soderbergh, who is serving as producer on Ocho. It was previously suggested that Bullock is playing the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean and that, like her brother, she’s also a newly-released convict planning an ambitious, revenge-driven heist.

Although there had been talks of a Clooney cameo, that idea has reportedly been shelved for the time being, but the door remains open as Ross and Soderbergh have “loose plans” for sequels. It’s still hard to figure out what to call this thing — it’s not a remake, and it’s not a reboot because it seems to have ties between characters, and it’s not really a legacyquel because these are grown women who don’t need a torch passed to them, and it’s not a spinoff because none of these characters appeared in the previous films. Mostly it’s just kinda-sorta a sequel to Soderbergh’s trilogy. Maybe we can find a new word for it.

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