CBS certainly seems to be making power-plays for more high-profile content these days, with the eye network likely to snag Robin Williams' upcoming TV deal should the project go to series.  Certainly a few big gets were needed after NBC picked up Michael J. Fox's big return to TV, but will 'Beverly Hills Cop' be just the shot in the tailpipe CBS needs to keep its spot as the number-one rated network?

According to Vulture, the Eddie Murphy/Shawn Ryan-produced 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series has officially found its home on CBS.  Taking the approach of a sequel series focusing on Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley character's son, the series will likely feature Murphy himself in at least the pilot episode, if not recurring beyond.

According to the report, CBS has put forth a pilot production commitment to the series, which sees Axel Foley's son Aaron Foley working to  "take down the criminal elements of the rich and famous, while simultaneously trying to escape the shadow of his larger than life father."  As of yet, no casting announcements have been made for the roles.  Paging Judge Reinhold, anybody?

While Shawn Ryan certainly has an impressive of stable of work such as 'The Shield' to justify his credit with police procedurals, we're going to keep a cautious eye on this one.  Tell us what you think of the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series idea at CBS in the comments?

And hey, for fun's sake: