'The Avengers' has a release date of May 4 - close to a month away - so prepare to be bombarded with more images, product-placements, commercials and toys than ever before. Though the film should perform well regardless, it's still a make or break picture for Marvel Studios, and the film they have been building toward for at least five years, cinematically speaking. Here are some images of making that dream come true, including this one of Jeremy Renner performing in front of a green screen.

Here's a shot of writer/director Joss Whedon on set, either showing Chris Evans how to do it, or just pretending to be a superhero:


Here's a moment of Whedon and Mark Ruffalo talking on the set. Whether it's about the uncut version of 'Margaret' being released on DVD or Blu-ray is unknown - they could also be talking about 'In the Cut:'


Here's Samuel L. Jackson talking with Whedon. From the body language, perhaps Whedon is miming holding the cosmic cube, or perhaps he's talking about the garbage compactor in 'Star Wars:'


Here's Iron Man getting ready for another take. Whether it's a stuntman or Robert Downey Jr. is unknown.


And here's a pointed discussion between Chris Hemsworth dressed up as Thor and Joss Whedon. Whedon is on the left.