Vincent D’Onofrio is now officially a career movie and television villain to the point where, even if the big twist in a movie revealed D’Onofrio as the bad guy, we’d all roll our eyes and say, “Well, obviously.” The actor will now use his particular set of skills to take on the role of lead villain in Dax Shepard’s upcoming big screen version of classic cop series CHiPs.

THR reports that D’Onofrio has joined the cast of the new film, predictably taking on the role of a villainous ex-cop who builds his criminal empire on stolen cars. In addition to directing and co-writing the screenplay, Shepard is starring in the film as Jon Baker, with Michael Pena playing the role of Frank Poncherello, aka Ponch, roles famously originated by Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada, respectively.

The film, like the original ‘70s action comedy series, centers on Baker and Ponch, motorcycle cops and best friends, who pursue and stop crime. Not much else is known about the plot at this time, aside from D’Onofrio’s casting as the villain, of course.

D’Onofrio recently played big bad Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil series, and also plays something of a nefarious role in Jurassic World, which hits theaters on June 12. Maybe next time someone casts Vincent D’Onofrio, they can surprise us all by having him play a cuddly uncle who works in a teddy bear factory — nope, even then we’d all know something is totally wrong with that dude.

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