Though he's currently got at least two hit franchises under his belt, it's unknown if audiences love Chris Hemsworth. In both 'Thor' and 'The Avengers' he's a charming leading man, but they're not really his movies, and it's hard to say if he brought people in for 'Snow White and the Huntsman.' It looks like he'll be putting his star power to the test with 'In the Heart of the Sea.'

Currently the project is being shopped with Hemsworth attached, according to Deadline Hollywood, though it doesn't have a director. There are producers (including Joe Roth) however, and a screenplay by 'Blood Diamond' scribe Charles Leavitt, who adapted the Nathaniel Philbrick novel. And it seems that DreamWorks is ready to bite.

It's the story behind the story of 'Moby Dick,' in which a boat was stalked by a white whale and left only eight survivors who were lost at sea for three months. Hemsworth would play the lead, and it will be a test of his drawing powers. Audiences mostly know him as Thor, and we've seen that playing a superhero doesn't always translate to audiences wanting to see that person as anything else.

This isn't the only 'Moby Dick' movie in the works, as it looks like 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' director Timur Bekmambetov is also working on an adaptation of the Herman Melville novel. Competing giant whale pictures, why not?