It’s a well-documented fact that Christopher Nolan loves Blade Runner — he’s watched it over 100 times! — so when talk started going around that there would be a sequel, many thought this was Nolan’s time to shine. But just because you love something doesn‘t mean you want to make more of it, and the directing job ultimately went to Denis Villeneuve, who made a gorgeous, audacious follow-up to one of the most well-known sci-fi movies of all time. Nolan recently explained why he had no interest in making a Blade Runner sequel.

While speaking to the Los Angeles Times on the awards press tour for Dunkirk, Nolan dished about why he chose to do a World War II drama instead of another sci-fi film.

There are a lot of movies that are on such a pedestal that to try and either remake them or follow them up would be too tricky. I have to find a way around things. So, like, ‘Interstellar’ is very much, as people would say, in dialogue with ‘2001 [A Space Odyssey].’ You have to find your own way around.

[Blade Runner 2049] was a real pleasure. I love [director] Denis [Villeneuve]. He bravely took on what he referred to as a suicide mission, following such a huge film that I was such a fan of. I thought he did a great job. Those guys really went for it. You have to admire that.

To this day, Nolan has only made four movies based on already existing material, and though his Batman trilogy and The Prestige cemented his reputation as one of the most creative and imaginative directors around, he really has no interest in taking on a property that isn’t his original idea.

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