There have been a few slight rumors regarding Christopher Nolan’s next project: rumored to be hitting theaters in 2017, frequent Nolan star Michael Caine recently said that the director has been working on a secret screenplay — and we might know what that secret is, thanks to a little helpful reporting from across the sea.

Per regional French newspaper La Voix Du Nord (via The Playlist), Nolan has been visiting Dunkirk, France “completely incognito” with his brother / collaborator Jonathan Nolan. Dunkirk is the French seaport that famously served as the site of World War II’s Operation Dynamo, a daring mission to rescue British Expeditionary Forces and allied troops in the summer of 1940. The operation was commissioned when German soldiers surrounded French, British and Belgian troops during the Battle of France.

The mayor of Dunkirk recently said that a “world-famous director” would be filming an American blockbuster in the city next summer, and the new report seems to confirm that Nolan is that director. There’s been no official confirmation as of yet, though we’ll likely hear more about this mysterious project soon.

Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino recently sat down with fellow director Paul Thomas Anderson for a great 40-minute chat about film preservation and the 70mm roadshow of The Hateful Eight. During that talk, Tarantino said, “And Christopher Nolan is coming right behind me,” suggesting that The Dark Knight director’s next project would incorporate wide-format film — hardly surprising, given that Nolan is a fan of large format, IMAX and shooting on film.

With The Weinstein Company installing / retrofitting 100 70mm projectors across the country for The Hateful Eight, guys like Anderson (who is also fond of the wider, older format) and Nolan have an opportunity to continue pursuing a medium that’s been relegated to the fringes by the advent of digital. Tarantino’s discussion with Anderson suggests that the installation of 70mm projectors for The Hateful Eight is an investment, and one that will inspire other directors to pursue and continue working in the format — like Nolan.

Unfortunately, there have been several reports over the weekend of problems during screenings of The Hateful Eight, with a few theaters switching to the digital print of the roadshow cut mid-screening due to malfunctions. While Nolan has yet to divulge details about his next project or how he’s shooting it, it’s safe to assume that he’ll stick to shooting on film — whether he’ll follow Tarantino’s model or go with something more accessible remains to be seen.