Richard Madden is going from 'Game of Thrones' royalty to a much sweeter royal role as Prince Charming in 'Cinderella.'

Announced by Disney, 'Game of Thrones' star Richard Madden has been chosen to play the role of Prince Charming in the upcoming re-imagining of the classic fairy tale after a competitive search for the live-action Disney prince. Madden plays Robb Stark on the HBO series, where he's currently entrenched in war over the rights to the almighty Iron Throne in season 3.

For 'Cinderella,' we'll see him in a much softer role involving a throne as Prince Charming, the object of Cinderella's affection -- and every other fair maiden in the land. Madden will star opposite 'Downton Abbeyt' stat Lily James in the adaptation, which is being helmed by director Kenneth Branagh.

As the story goes, Cinderella's widower father marries a woman with two daughters, but once he dies, the stepmother and step-sisters reveal their sinister, petty ways and treat Cinderella as their lowly servant. The one night, she's visited by a fairy godmother, promising to make all of her dreams come true by sending her to an illustrious ball where Prince Charming hopes to meet his future wife. Enter Cinderella, and the pair fall madly in love.

As far as Prince Charmings go, Disney could do much worse than Robb Stark -- you know, like that insufferable Prince Joffrey.