There are marketing gimmicks and then there are Marketing Gimmicks! Consider Lucasfilm's plan to promote the upcoming Indiana Jones Blu-ray at Comic Con the latter in every way possible: a recreation of the iconic Well of Souls sequence from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'...complete with live snakes.

Yes, this is just advertising (and yes, this is just advertising for something we were already planning to buy), but let's be honest with ourselves here: any movie geek with a beating heart should be interested in the prospect of recreating one of the greatest scenes in film history, especially when he can have his photo taken and go home to brag about how he actually got to say "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" in the Well of Souls. Gimmick or not, this pushes the right's the exact kind of geeky insanity that Comic Con should be.

The Well of Souls will be available for the duration of Comic Con at the Lucasfilm pavilion. Attendees who pre-order the Indiana Jones box set at the booth will receive a $25 gift card to sideshow collectibles. Those at home can "tweet #IndySnakePit to @IndianaJones to drop a snake into [the] virtual snake pit," but that sounds a poor consolation prize.

Are you going to Comic Con? Will you stop by this booth?