Were you one of the countless geeks who failed to snag a badge for Comic-Con 2013? Well, you now have a second chance! Comic-Con International has announced that several thousand additional badges will go on sale, so read on if you're interested in learning how to snag one of the hottest tickets in the fanboy world.

Thanks to thousands of returned and canceled badges, those same ones are now available for you. However, only one-day badges are going on sale, as the four-day badges remain completely sold out. Still, if you're willing to make a trek to San Diego for a single day of Comic-Con goodness (or just happen to be in the area), this is your big chance.

Since demand for these badges will be high, the sales will be conducted through the Comic-Con 2013 Resale Drawing. Here's how it works:

First, go to this link right here and login with your Comic-Con Member ID. Then, you will need to click the button that reads, “Click Here to Enter a Drawing to be Eligible for the Comic-Con 2013 Badge Resale!” Your name will then be entered into the pool. You have from now until June 12, 2013 at 10:59:59 a.m. PDT to enter your name. Anything submitted after that end time will not be considered. If your name is one of the lucky ones drawn, you will be notified before or on June 17 and will be allowed to purchase your badge.

Did you get locked out of Geek Mecca this year? Well, this is your last chance! If you still can't snag a badge, don't fret -- ScreenCrush will be there and will have all of the hottest news from Comic-Con 2013 delivered straight to you.