Comic-Con 2014 brought thousands of hardcore fans to San Diego to partake in the largest celebration in geekdom, but you can pick out the higher echelon of fanboys and fangirls based on who decided to show up in cosplay. These truly dedicated (and occasionally slightly insane) fans create outfits that range from laughable to truly stunning -- they make walking the floor a continuously surprising and captivating experience.

We were on hand with cameras to capture the best cosplay to come out of Comic-Con 2014, and, as always, some of the work we saw had to be seen to be believed.

Some fans went the traditional route, but did so with so much attention to detail that it's hard to even fault them for going with something we've seen many times before. Of course, it's always nice to be pleasantly surprised, like with the "Rule 63" Rufio. Who cares that the leader of the Lost Boys in 'Hook' was a guy? She makes it work.

And then there are the really dedicated people, like the guy wearing the bulky Shockwave costume. It's one thing to say you like 'Transformers,' but it takes an astonishing amount of dedication to actually commit to building that costume ... and then wearing it around a crowded convention for four days.

For an extended look at each of these costumes (and plenty more!), check out the video above. Watch more cosplay videos below from our buddies at ComicsAlliance and ArcadeSushi.