We'll have full coverage for the Warner Bros. Comic Con panel up soon (UPDATE: Here it is!), but here's a sneak peek: it blew the roof right off of Hall H. Among the already-jam-packed line-up was the surprise premiere of the teaser trailer for Gareth Edwards' new take on 'Godzilla.' You'll be be able to read the juicy details in a bit, but in the meantime, you can check out the first poster for the sure-to-be-epic film.

The poster premiered on Legendary Pictures' Facebook page and it's a tease in the most literal sense of the word. No Godzilla. No smoking ruins. Nothing. Just blackness, a Japanese symbol and a name that everyone and their mother knows: GODZILLA. Simple, clean and iconic work, a poster that manages to sell this film as a Big Deal through sheer simplicity.

'Godzilla' won't hit theaters until 2014. The wait may be unbearable.