It's bad enough when your critically-adored TV show is constantly on the bubble and renewal news seems to come down to the wire without having to worry about the fate of one of your lead actors.  So with news of 'Community' season 4 arriving any day now, what does the cast think about their chances, or Chevy Chase?

Speaking at a recent NBC press event, stars Joel McHale, Jim Rash, and Yvette Nicole Brown remained cautiously optimistic about 'Community's chances for a season four renewal, noting that as of yet none of NBC's main comedies have been officially picked up, including 'The Office,' 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Up All Night' and '30 Rock.'  The cast mentioned that they'd simply hear when they heard, most likely sometime before the NBC Upfront event next month.

But with 'Community's renewal far from the only story on fans' minds, what did the cast have to say about the feud between series star Chevy Chase and creator Dan Harmon?  If indeed the show should be renewed, is there any chance 'Community' could return with Chevy intact?  Says McHale:

Yes. I see him wearing white robes and wings and he comes crashing through. Those voice mails… He obviously wasn't very happy, but he loves the cast and my guess is he will be back… if we're back! Let's get the pickup and then we'll see what happens. I'm assuming so… if he gets the Bentley that he's asking for."

McHale and Brown even joked that 'Community' fans hadn't heard the last of Chevy's rants, noting "There's four more voice mails coming out. It's a whole series. It's going to be a book on CD. And it will be read out loud by…" "Samuel L. Jackson!"

But even if all our worries are for naught, and NBC indeed picks up 'Community' for a fourth season, might the fourth outing be our last trip to Greendale?  McHale suggested that a fourth season needn't be the last year for 'Community,' which could easily extend into "Graduate school! Post graduate! Teaching!""Graduate school! Post graduate! Teaching!"

So, what do you think?  Have we heard all we need to hear to believe that 'Community' will return, Chevy Chase in tow, or are all bets still off at this point?  Tell us what you'd like to see from the future of 'Community' in the comments!  (Via IGN)