Hey, so remember the surprising and joyous news that was 'Community' creator Dan Harmon's return to the series for season 5? Remember how Harmon himself vowed to finally watch the fourth season and remain respectful as he plotted out the fifth and potentially final year for the Greendale gang? So much for that.

Any 'Community' fan well knows that the adored comedy's fourth season faced long odds in replacing Dan Harmon with showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio, as the two tried their hardest to replicate Harmon's unique comedic spark, but often fell short in the effort. Now, in spite of Sony's surprising decision to return Harmon to the helm and the ousted showrunner's intent to avoid stepping on toes, the latest Harmontown podcast sees the 'Community' creator going nuclear on the fourth season, and blasting Sony's treatment of writers in the process.

"I think I feel pretty comfortable in expressing that [season four] wasn’t my cup of tea," said Harmon after finally sitting down to watch the latest run. "It’s not somebody doing what they do...it’s very much like an impression. An unflattering one. It’s 13 episodes of people doing ‘DURRRPY DURPY DUR I’m Dan Harmon DUUUR.’” (Via Pajiba)

Calling out Sony, Harmon goes on to describe the studio's approach as, “we’ll just replace him with someone else, some other prep school frat ass f---ing dips--t.’ The system wants us not to be human. But [Sony] accidentally created a TV show with a bunch of great actors that makes people really happy, and now we have 13 more episodes.”

Furthermore, Harmon relayed that he'd since attempted to get in touch with comedic legend Bill Murray, whom Harmon had originally wanted to portray Jeff's father before season 4 introduced actor James Brolin in the role. Overall, Harmon compared the experience of 'Community' season 4 to “being held down and watching your family get raped at a beach. It’s liberating! It makes you focus on what’s important.”

Yikes. Hopefully, Harmon's harsh words won't damage the 'Community' creator's relationship with Sony any further, as season 5 has yet to find an official placement on the NBC 2013-14 schedule. What say you? Is Harmon right to criticize 'Community' season 4 so forcefully?

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