The dissolution of Yahoo’s “Screen” streaming service pretty-well confirmed that hope for Community Season 7 was lost (granted, costing Yahoo $42 million before that was a clue), but if anything about the erstwhile NBC comedy remains constant, it’s hope for the future. Official DVD art for the March release has arrived, teasing that Season 6 may not be the last after all.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment let loose released the official DVD artwork for its March 8 released of Community: The Complete Sixth Season, all 13 episodes of it. Ever one to keep hope alive however, the image crosses out “Sixth” with a pessimistic, but ultimately open-ended “Final?”

Community Season 6 DVD Art
Sony Pictures TV

When last we’d heard of future Community before the dissolution, Yahoo Screen was reportedly pushing for digital distribution of a feature film, though series star Joel McHale had some confusing back-and-forth about the possibility. There’s also the already-stretched availability of Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Jeong, Jim Rash, Yvette Nicole Brown or even Donald Glover., while creator Dan Harmon previously told TVLine of the potential for a feature reunion:

We wait a little bit, let [the cast] explore their awesome careers, and then we get together for an incredible movie.

Never say never when it comes to Community, but will the DVD release offer any additional clues of the future?