Oh my glob, you guys -- this Lumpy Space Princess cosplay inspired by our favorite 'Adventure Time' character is just the cutest.

There's a pretty popular trend among 'Adventure Time'-loving female cosplayers, where, instead of taking the literal translation of Lumpy Space Princess and wearing a big, lumpy purple costume, they wear cute prom-style dresses and do their hair up real fancy-like to give their head that Lumpy feel.

We love this particular Lumpy Space Princess cosplay, courtesy of 17-year-old Hana, who lives in England. Hana put this costume together to cosplay as part of an 'Adventure Time' group, and if her costume looks this fantastic, we can't wait to see pics of her posing with her friends. Hana notes that she'd rather not be wearing the jacket in the photos, but it was just too cold outside that day. No worries, Hana -- your costume is still totally mathematical.

Hana's costume isn't complete just yet -- she still wants to add some gold stars to her dress and find some purple and gold eye makeup to kick it up a notch, but we're very impressed by the work she's done so far and we're dying to know how she got her skin to be that purple!

Check out some pics of Hana below, or head over to her Tumblr page to get to know her a little better.

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