You don't have to have the muscles of Chris Evans to cosplay as Captain America, but having his pretty blue eyes and boyish good looks doesn't hurt!

Today's cosplay is a reader submission from Chris Murray of Lynn, Massachusetts. Chris sent over some photos of his pretty spot-on Captain America cosplay, which he put together using UD replicas, and a shield he built and painted himself. Chris also does some pretty neat superhero-inspired paintings in his spare time, which would explain his shield-painting skills.

But what's really striking about Chris is how he's got that same blonde-haired, blue-eyed charm that Chris Evans brings to the part of good ol' Captain America. And his name is also Chris, so...

Anyway, there's no hero more American and more valiant than Captain America, who would lay down his own life to save the lives of so many others, and Chris' cosplay makes us even more stoked for the upcoming sequel because we're reminded of how kick-ass the Cap is.

Check out some photos of Chris as Captain America below, or head over to his Facebook page for more.

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