If you're a fan of 'Adventure Time' and Pendleton Ward's work, then you're probably familiar with his series, "Bravest Warriors," on the Cartoon Hangover channel on YouTube. If not, let us introduce you to Beth Tezuka, one of the Bravest Warriors!

Beth is a teen living on NeoMars in the future. Along with her best buds, Chris, Danny and Wallow, she helps protect the galaxy and goes on many adventures. They've all taken over the work of their parents, the Courageous Battlers, after they went missing in the See Through Zone years ago. She's got an unhealthy obsession with locally grown "butter lettuce" and a horse that's been paralyzed after witnessing all of eternity, so she makes the cut as one of the most interesting characters we've seen in animation.

This is Caitlin, otherwise known as Shiro-co, who has recreated Beth's outfit perfectly. The stockings, the belt that holds her sticker pet, and even Beth's wee, little jacket have been expertly represented in real life, making Caitlin look like she just jumped out of Ward's imagination. Give this girl some locally grown butter lettuce, because she's earned it!

See even more of her work on DeviantART, and be sure to comment on her fantastic Ahri cosplay, from League of Legends!

Zeze Design and Photography

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