Today's cosplay is a very special reader submission that gives you three superheroes and some lovely ladies for the price of one!

ScreenCrush reader Lauren submitted this lovely assortment of photos featuring the Captain America Dancing Girls -- a group of women who dress up as Cap's famous back-up dancers from his touring show in the film. The ladies travel around, appearing at conventions and posing with various cosplayers dressed as ol' Cap, and they've even marched in a parade! These ladies are fantastic and beautiful, and we love how spunky they are.

Included in the submission were photos with this awesome Captain America cosplayer, Mike, aka SteamShovel on TheRPF cosplaying message boards. But one hero wasn't enough, and the ladies and their Captain ran into a Bucky Barnes and a Hawkeye during their adventures. Lauren was also kind enough to include some photos snapped with all of the heroes on a pretty awesome Marvel stage setup.

All of these cosplayers are great, but we're really smitten with the Captain America Dancing Girls and their mission to spread joy and all-American heroism from convention to convention.

Check out some photos of the Dancing Girls, Captain America, Bucky and Hawkeye below, or head over to the Dancing Girls Facebook page for more!

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