The following post contains minor spoilers for Captain America: Brave New World and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which at this point is already two years old.

Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier firmly established Sam Wilson, formerly known as the Falcon, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Captain America. It even gave Sam his own Captain America costume — that’s it up above — which was closely modeled after Wilson’s Cap costume from the original Marvel Comics.

I would have assumed that the new Cap would continue wearing his new costume into his first solo movie, Captain America: Brave New World. After all, he only wore the new suit in the final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He barely got it dirty! I don’t even think it would need to be dry cleaned before he wore it again. 

Apparently, I would be wrong! A piece of promotional artwork posted on Instagram seems to confirm that Sam Wilson will sport a totally different Captain America costume in the upcoming film. In the image, Sam Wilson is wearing a suit that looks very close to the Captain America uniform sported by original Cap Steve Rogers in the first Avengers movie from 2012, albeit with an additional pair of the mechanical wings that are the Falcon’s trademark and key superheroic weapon.

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Originally titled Captain America: New World Order, the project was recently retitled. In addition to Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America, the film co-stars Danny Ramirez and Carl Lumbly, reprising their roles from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as the new Falcon and Isaiah Bradley, respectively, plus Tim Blake Nelson as the Leader and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, both making their first MCU movie since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. Harrison Ford will also appear in the film as President “Thunderbolt” Ross, replacing the late William Hurt in the role.

Captain America: Brave New World is scheduled to open in theaters on February 14, 2025. So it is still over a year away.

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