Today's cosplay gets a little classic with this fan's Catwoman costume, based on the character from 'Batman: The Animated Series,' arguably the best Batman TV show ever.

If you were around in the 90s, you undoubtedly remember 'Batman: The Animated Series' and how amazing it was. To this day, it remains probably the best Batman cartoon show ever created. It's not often we see people cosplaying as characters from this particular iteration of the Dark Knight's story, so we're thrilled to see Mary Colette take on the show's version of Catwoman.

This particular Catwoman wears a simplified gray catsuit with a gold metal belt, which Mary has replicated beautifully. Mary is, of course, a cat-lover and comic book fan who only recently started a DeviantArt page to show off her cosplay creations. She's also into video games and anime, and she does an interesting Joker cosplay as well.

Check out some photos of Mary Colette taking it to the streets as Catwoman below, or head over to her DeviantArt page to see more.

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