One cosplayer had a very, um, brainy idea making this costume based on villain Krang from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.' Color us impressed!

When The RPF forum -- home to some pretty inventive cosplayers -- hosted a costume contest, user TVsRobLowe submitted quite an impressive and ambitious costume: Krang from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.' You know Krang -- he's an alien who was banished by his people and stripped down to his bubblegum pink brain, left to walk the earth in a body designed by fellow 'TMNT' villain, Shredder, in exchange for letting Shredder shack up in the Technodrome (it's a long story).

Making a Krang costume is no easy task -- first there's the giant body that houses Krang, and then there's Krang himself, and you can't forget the little light inside his stomach-terrarium to keep him illuminated. But this cosplayer is a genius because by golly, he did it.

He explains:

Krang and his Android Body has always been sort of a dream costume for me, and I've always tossed the idea around as a joke costume. The design is absolutely embarassing - a near nude fat, bald man with red underwear and booties and brain in his belly. I've tossed around the gamut of ideas over the years, but never committed - first it was sweats and a bald cap, and various canvas straps. Then the idea of a morphsuit with Krang's chamber made out of foam.

You can see the finished product below, or head over to The RPF thread to check out some awesome in-progress photos and more details from the cosplayer himself.



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