Okay, so maybe this 'Silent Hill' nurse is what the doctor ordered if the doctor was a scary psycho-killer, but we love this cosplay just the same.

The nurses of 'Silent Hill' are as iconic as the foggy town of the same name in the video game series, which has now been turned into two films (we'd rather not talk about the second one -- it's kind of bad). We love these scary, faceless nurses who stumble around as if drunk and/or zombified.

Thais Jussim of Brazil makes scary look fun with her awesome cosplay of the 'Silent Hill' nurses. Thais makes her own costumes and has tons of cosplay photos, ranging from anime to video games like 'Metroid,' and comic book characters like Black Cat from 'Spider-Man.' She's also a total pro at makeup, and has provided her services to fellow cosplayers.

And yes, she makes all of her own costumes -- you can see more pics of Thais, aka Yukilefay, as the 'Silent Hill' nurse below, or head over to her DeviantArt page to browse some of her other impressive work.

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