Not enough people attempt to cosplay Leela from 'Futurama,' and we can understand why -- this female hero only has one eye, and that's not easy to pull off. But this cosplayer didn't even bat an eye when it came to imitating the cartoon favorite.

Leela from 'Futurama' is such a badass: smart, dignified, strong and always ready to kick some butt, especially when it comes to saving dim-witted Fry from the sticky situations he gets himself into. The one-eyed heroine isn't an easy cosplay to pull off -- you can create the cyclops eye, but how do you see out of it?!

Cosplayer Steph (aka CharcoalEyes) managed to pull it off somehow, creating a pretty neat cyclops appendage that we assume allows her to see through, and if not, double kudos to her for having the guts to wear it anyway. Adorned with Leela's signature bright purple hair, white tank top and space gun, Steph poses with a friend dressed as Fry and gives her best Leela high kick.

It's tricky sometimes to pull off cartoon cosplay, but Steph embraces the style and the sass with ease. Check out these pics of Steph as Leela below, or head to her DeviantArt page for more of her work.

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