These two charming cosplayers have been getting a lot of attention for their great take on Hawkeye of 'The Avengers' and Hawkingbird (the lady Hawkeye counterpart), and we can see why.

At New York Comic-Con, Christian Blakesley and Natalie Barton showed off their super cool Hawkeye and Hawkingbird (aka Kate Bishop) cosplay creations and immediately grabbed our attention. The pair have been featured in several photos on various sites, and you can check out their respective Tumblr accounts: scruffyhawkeye and Revivi.

Christian takes the 'Avengers' movie approach, emulating Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, which seems like a pretty simple outfit, but he really pays attention to the detail with his look and the effect is pretty bad-ass. Natalie goes the comic book route with her take on Hawkingbird, making her look like a more traditional superhero -- and she's so damn pretty, to boot!

Check out the photos of Christian and Natalie below, or head over to their Facebook pages to see even more of their adorable couple cosplay:
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