So many Jokers out there in the cosplay world, but we think this one, based on the critically acclaimed comic 'The Killing Joke,' is fantastic.

Meet Alejandro Fanzago, a guy whose Joker cosplay isn't just limited to one version of Batman's most vicious and long-lasting foe. Fanzago has dressed as classic cartoon Joker, Heath Ledger's memorable Joker from 'The Dark Knight,' and this, our choice for Cosplay of the Day: Joker from 'The Killing Joke.'

What you need to know about why 'The Killing Joke' is such a crucial read for fans of Batman and comic book nerds in general: Written by Alan Moore of 'Watchmen' and 'V for Vendetta' fame, 'The Killing Joke' features Joker at his most alarmingly sinister, tracing his origins as a worker at a chemical factory who wants to be a stand-up comedian but fails horribly. When he tries to help his pregnant wife by aiding two criminals, his wife ends up dead and he winds up covered in chemical goo, transformed into the Joker and driven mad.

In the comic, Joker wears this fabulous tourist-y outfit and takes terrifying photos, notably of Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, after he shoots and paralyzes her (and thus Barbara becomes the Oracle).

There's a lot more to it, but it's one of the best Batman comics ever written, and the Joker's look in the book became an instant classic.

We're really into Fanzago's take, which incorporates a fake chin to exaggerate his features:

All photos courtesy Alejandro Fanzago

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