We don't give enough credit to princess cosplayers around here, so how about a compromise? Here's a princess that's a little feminine and a whole lotta bad-ass.

'Princess Mononoke' isn't your average Disney princess. The film, from visionary Hayao Miyazaki, follows a young warrior who is stricken by a curse and must travel to a nearby forest, where he finds himself mixed up in a war the humans are waging on the forest, and that's where he encounters Princess Mononoke, who was raised by a wolf-god.

A wolf-god. Amazing.

Russian cosplayer Alena put together a fantastic Princess Mononoke costume, and she even has her very own wolf! A wolf, you guys! It's so great. Alena did several extensive photo shoots as Mononoke, involving local woods and scenery, and even a couple of her friends to play additional characters. That's some dedication to craft, right there. Alena isn't just doing cosplay -- she's dressing up and re-telling the story in photos, which is the kind of stuff fans love.

Check out some pics of Alena as Princess Mononoke below, or head over to her Deviant Art page for more:

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