Yeah, Rick Grimes is cool and all, but everyone knows the real badass of 'The Walking Dead' is Michonne, and this cosplay is gruesomely awesome.

Here's what we know: their names are Lisa and Kel, and they love 'The Walking Dead.' We haven't been able to dig up any other information, but we salute them just the same for their cool take on Michonne and one of her zombie slaves.

In the comics and on the TV show, Michonne first appears with a couple of walkers chained to her, using their smell to ward off any predatory zombies. She's chopped off their arms and their jaws so they can't reach for her or bite her -- pretty smart, right? She also has a sword and wields it like a damn samurai, which is impressive for a woman who used to be a lawyer (at least that's what she says in the comics -- we still have no clue what TV Michonne used to do before everyone turned into a zombie).

The photos come courtesy of Victor Gamez and Susan Myrland's Flickr accounts, as well as the nerd site A Bunch of Slackers. Check out more of Lisa and Kel's cosplay, as spotted at last year's Comic-Con, below:

Victor Gamez
Susan Myrland
A Bunch of Slackers

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