Spider-Man can be an easy hero to replicate if you've got an amazing costume like this cosplayer, but do you have his cool moves?

Zack is a cosplayer who loves to dress up as classic heroes -- Spider-Man, Robin, Green Lantern, you name it. His costumes are simple and colorful, but also wonderfully accurate and evoke a real engaging comic book-ish vibe.

The cosplayer suited up as Spider-Man for a series of photos featuring some basic poses and incorporating a camera as an accessory (because Peter Parker never goes anywhere without his camera!), but then he really goes for the gold with some serious web-slinging action. His poses are phenomenal and we're curious how he pulled some of them off. Zack has really done his Spidey homework for this cosplay, and it pays off with these fantastic photos.

Check out Zack as the Amazing Spider-Man below (and it is truly amazing and deserving of a capital A) or head over to his DeviantArt page for more. But be warned, you'll have to sign up for a free account if you want to see the rest of his photos.

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