Katniss Everdeen became an instant cosplay classic the moment 'The Hunger Games' hit theaters last year, but we really like this cosplayer's rustic take on the heroine.

Marta has gotten a lot of attention for her 'Tomb Raider' cosplay of the game's heroine, Lara Croft, but it's her cosplay of another heroine that caught our eye. This Italian lady-geek does a real down-to-earth cosplay of Katniss Everdeen from 'The Hunger Games' that's appropriately equal parts gritty and soft.

Dirt? Check. Arrows? Check. Mockingjay pin? You bet. A few bruises from her quest for survival? You got it. Marta's costume isn't entirely authentic, but one of the key parts of cosplay is remembering to nail the details, which she totally does. Katniss emerged as a real Young Adult hero last year, putting Bella Swan and all that 'Twilight' nonsense to shame with her rough and tumble attitude, self-sufficiency, confidence and instincts. She's a great role model for young ladies, which is why we're more than happy to see an over-abundance of Katniss cosplay. The cosplay world needs more awesome heroines!

Check out some pics of Marta as Katniss below, or head over to her DeviantArt page for more.

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