We see a lot of Two-Face cosplay, but it's always from 'The Dark Knight,' so we were really impressed with this cosplayer's Two-Face, inspired by 'Batman: The Animated Series.'

'Batman: The Animated Series' is like, the greatest cartoon of all-time. Or at least the greatest Batman cartoon of all time. The series really nailed the relationship between Harvey Dent (Two-Face) and Bruce Wayne (Batman), and when Two-Face was up to no good, it always left Batman so conflicted -- help his friend, or beat up his enemy?

Joshua Axe is a cosplayer from Maryland who spends his days working in the produce department at a local grocery store, but in his spare time he's an avid fan of video games and superheroes. Axe has also done some pretty solid and simple Tony Stark and Doctor Who cosplays, but his Two-Face is the most complex and dedicated thing he's done to date. And sure, his wife helped him out a little bit with the makeup, but can we really trust amateurs with that kind of thing?

You can peep Axe's cosplay below, or head over to his Facebook page for more.

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